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Who/What are we? Ascended Hearts Studio

Hard to remember what is never to be forgotten - John Trudell

We, are the Human Beings. The People. We are the Michael and Tracy Williams family. We are creative travelers. We are makers. And, while we don't call ourselves healers, we do our best to guide People towards healing themselves. This blog, and the things we create and services we offer, will hopefully help not just You but all of the People to heal, recover, and live in a good way.

Michael is of Tsimshian/Tlingit heritage and descent. Born in Ketchikan Alaska 56 years ago. A child of the 70s, youth/adolescence of the 80s and 90s. An artist from a very young age learning drawing, writing, painting, photography throught the years but really embracing and diving headfirst into traditional Pacific Northwest styles and crafts after teaming up with Tracy in '09.

Tracy is of Irish heritage and descent. Born in the New England area of the United States where she got her RN license and first read tarot professionally. As a travel nurse she was able to experience, over 20+years, the communities and People of the Southwest and Alaska. Using her knowledge of energy flow and exchange she has been creating wire-wrapped jewelry using crystals and stones like labradorite, chrysacola, malachite, and others. Often times the energy of these pieces can be beneficial to a person's healing process.

Over the next few weeks, and beyond, this blog will share our journeys of exploring the country and lessons we have learned. Through Indigenous perspectives of our individual(Tsimshian, Tlingit, and Irish) and combined tribal systems. A way that understood that we are all related, Children of Mother Earth, knowing that life is a gift and death is a gift. That harming another only harms the self. And the whole.

From stories about kushtaka energy, a pigeon, recovery, the Red Road, RV living adventures on our flight from insleeland, and visiting and building our family and tribe. Mostly it will be myself(Michael) sharing as Tracy is pretty busy with the coaching side of Ascended Hearts Studio. But she will definitely have tales to share. I also have a few kids in mind that I'd like to guest blog.

The Tlingit word gunalcheesh and the Tsimshian word nt'oyaxsn are both used to say thank You. But, also, they have a deeper meaning that says, 'without You this moment would not be possible.' To me, this is very similar to the Mayan word Inlakech, used when meeting another traveler on the path it is a greeting that says, 'I am another You. You are another Me.' A Lakota phrase I learned in ceremony and on the Red Road is Mitakuye Oyasin which is usually translated as 'All My Relations' showing the interconnectedness with the All by letting us know that even the trees, the rocks and all of the creatures are our relatives, with wisdom and teachings to share. A long way to say thank You for visiting and looking at the offerings in our shop. But really, it is an honor to cross paths with You and I hope You will stay awhile... <3


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