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Ascended Hearts Studio is:

Portrait of Tracy smiling into the camera

• Soul Empowerment Life Coach

• Soul Realignment Practitioner

• Energy Healer

"Tracy is a spiritually-focused Holistic Nurse Coach who helps people find their personal truth so they can live from their heart and create a life of joy and fulfillment. She is also an Artist, Wife, and Mother.

Tracy has been a Registered Nurse for 24 years and worked in healthcare for 28 years. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Salem State College in 1998. In 2006, she completed training as an Associate level Polarity Practitioner. That same year she also began doing Tarot and Psychic readings professionally. A love for the history of dreaming brought her to the Robert Moss School of Dreaming where she completed 3 levels of teacher training and group facilitation using dream techniques. She is additionally trained in Reiki level1 and Healing touch through level 4. She is also a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner including Soul Realignment for Business and Sacred Sales, and seeing the future. 

She has been trained as an Akashic Records reading and clearing Facilitator by Rev Camille Moritz, Revelator of Light. This includes DNA light activation as well as clearing negative alien energetics. 

In 2022 she completed specialty training under her RN license to become a Holistic Nurse Coach. "



Ts’msyen Lack Gyiboo (of the Wolf)

Tlingit Yeil (Raven Clan)

Indigenous to these lands. Descendant Now Ancestor... <3


From Ketchikan Alaska. Raised in the Pacific Northwest and South-central Alaska. Self-taught sewer. Learned formline from Robert Mills, David R. Boxley/Steve Brown/Bill Holm videos. Learned to make tinaa from David Gregory. Learned to make drums from Frank Rick, Charlie and Sharon Henderson, Paul Muxon and anyone else willing to share their techniques.

Growing up away from the village elders it wasn't until the mid forties and relocating back to the Seattle area that the Tlingit and Tsimshian teaching became available. Seeing the dancers at Pow Wows and local gatherings and meeting other Tlingits and Tsimshians at Sweatlodge and Red Road talking circles ignited the need to, as John Trudell said, remember what was never to Be forgotten. We are the Human Beings.

Designing and making the Button Blanket below was the first traditional thing since Mr Hudson's art class at Schoenbar Jr High in Ketchikan 35+ years earlier. 


D. Williams

Portrait of Michael looking into the camera
Michael standing in front of booth, wearing button blanket and borrowed cedar hat
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