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Kushtaka Behind Bars - it is time to take our world back

I call it the Corporation. It knows how to play the long game and has been 'guiding' the People for thousands of years at least. From the Sumerian stories of enlil and enki, to the stories of Abraham and Moses, through the pharoahs of Egypt and the emperors of Rome. Flavius Josephus and Julius Caesar creating the Christ story and later the council of nicea canonizing its teachings. Even later when the Corporation set up a new management office in England it gave us the King James version. All the while convincing the People that an off world deity created them and everything around them. So he owned them and they had better worship and obey him or else pay the price for all eternity. Of course obeying 'him' meant obeying the dictates of 'his' chosen representatives in Vatican City, the city of london, and/or the district of columbia. The empire of the city as they call it. Rome controlling the spiritual, England controlling the finance and DC controlling the military.

15", 13 sided, Kushtaka Behind Bars hand drum

There are many stories about where this bloodline came from. Some say off world. Some say the one god made them from clay and breathed the ah breath of life into them. Wherever, whatever, at some point these descendants decided they were smarter and more important than the rest of us. That we could be used and manipulated into doing their bidding, even at our own detriment.

The World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, bilderberg group, all of the folks in these branches of the Corporation want us to beLIEve that it is a wacky, right-wing conspiracy theory that a small group of elites run everything. To an individual, it might seems like the hundred, maybe thousands of members seems like a lot but if there are 8 billion People on this planet these organizations are a tiny fraction of a percent.

I see friends still wearing their masks at the laundromat, grocery or even outside in a park. A young lady recently came into my booth to shop for a hand drum but asked me to stop talking as she was overwhelmed by the day and having a hard time thinking. I couldn't help but think that all the extra carbon dioxide her mask was giving her might be a factor.

Operation Mockingbird, A CIA program.

In modern times, here in the US, the People watch and obey the talking heads on television even tho it has been shown repeatedly that the CIA and Operation Mockingbird control the stories. The narrative we are given guides us to love our own slavery. The state has replaced whatever god the People thought they worshipped.

Do You know about Operation Mockingbird? Do You know that in the mid 70s the congressional Church Committee exposed that Mockingbird had CIA agents in newsrooms around the planet writing news stories to guide the narrative? Did You know that when asked if their were paid agents in/on US national news programs that the question could only be answered in executive session away from the cameras.

Funny that George HW Bush took over as CIA director, and later, as vice president under Reagan said that they would no longer have journalists on the CIA payroll. Also funny that CNN and USA Today made their debuts shortly after. But all of that became 'legal' after the Obama/Biden administration modernized the Smith-Mundt Act in 2013. The original was enacted after WWII to put limits on the government's use of propaganda. Specifically, the government could not use propaganda on its own citizens.

Of course, after 30 years in the newspaper business I was hard pressed to beLIEve but after 2013 it became even more apparent that it is all Lies. I, personally, do not beLIEve anything. I think and allow myself to change what I think with every new piece of information I gather. I look at reports from all directions, dismissing most and keeping for a moment the things that align with previous truths. Knowing full well that truths are a matter of perspective like moving your view around a faceted gem stone. Same stone just a different angle.

It reminds me of the Kurosawa movie, Roshomon, where three People tell a judge what they saw concerning an alleged murder. All three beLIEve fully that their version is truth but all have important details missing and come to completely different concllusions. It is up to the judge to hear it all and make a judgement. You know that You are the judge, right? Each of us plays the lead role in our own story. We take all the information, our experiences, and weigh it against what we get from others through personal exchange or from the media(books, movies, news sources...) and create our own future through the choices all of this leads to.

When the rat race wins.

Stuck in the rat race we don't have time to analyze the data so our choices are easily made for us. It is called the hegalion dialectic. The Corporation needs to depopulate so it uses gain of function to create a bioweapon that will greatly increase the number of People dying. But how does it convince the People to take the injection? Easiest way would be to move the annual cold and flu numbers to a new column about a terrible new 'illness' that can only be beaten by this great new technology with mrna and spike proteins. The 'illness' is so bad that the entire planet is quarantined. People are arrested for sitting alone at the beach or park. Beaten and/or thrown into camps. So the People obeyed.

Just like the Spanish inquisition in Europe and later colonization of the Americas. If You don't worship our god then You will be killed. Only now, god is the Corporation, the big one that runs almost all of the countries on earth.

The mission to wake and unite all the colors of Humankind

How do we get past the deception? First thing, turn off the mockingbird programming. As I say, stop ingesting poison. As much as humanly possible, go organic, non-gmo, learn about how the human body works and give it the nutrients to enhance those functions. Some time here I will have to share a little of what I learned from my teachers at the International Integrative Education Institute. Global herbalism, covering Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, European, and even the tribes of the Americas. Everywhere, there were People who studied the plants around them and learned how to heal their communities with them. From the nutritious beach asparagus, to the strengthening devil's club, and even the salmonberry with an abundance of vitamin B17. The Corporation took over the learning centers a hundred years ago by donating millions to universities and colleges, putting folks on the boards of directors to ensure the money was being used inline with the Corporation's desires. Herbal, natural, and homeopathic treatments were left behind as synthetic versions were created from petrochemicals. Thank the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations for the move from natural synergy to a life-long journey of treating the side effects of the last drug prescribed.

And of course all the folks that beLIEve get their knowledge from the Rockefeller Foundation's funding of PBS and NPR. But our indigenous ancestors knew what was coming and shared many prophesies about these times and signs that the People would be ready to remember how to Be Human. Ready to Live in a Good way, in harmony with Mother Earth and ALL of our relations.

7 Directions - Honoring Father Sky, Mother Earth, East, South, West, North and the Purple Heart center where the Creator's spark connects us all together.

A favorite of mine is that when the eagle flies to the moon and returns. Of course this happened at the height of the civil rights movement and anti-war protests, and as the American Indian Movement was making great strides in getting recognition of the genocide that happened to the People of the Americas. Changing the law to allow our People to practice our ceremonies in 1978 was a big step and it is beautiful to see so many young ones taking part in remembering their heritage.

This past spring at the ASU PowWow and GrandMother brought her GrandSon into our booth and asked him which of my 10" deerskin drums he would want. Him being arout 10 years old I figured he would go for the Totoro drum but he said, 'I want the one with the heart.' I took it down, handed it to him and she asked him to sing a song with it. It is truly an honor to hear the young ones singing traditional songs in their language. After they bought the drum I heard him singing at other vendor booths that afternoon. There was another young man at that PowWow that bought a drum and shared songs in our booth and at others that weekend too. We talked about the Red Road and fellowshipped over getting our hearts/spirits well.

This drum lives in Oregon now.

Recently, at the Cliff Castle event for Native Heritage Month, I had good conversation with some young hippies. I was sharing the Kushtaka behind bars message and how an online followers had bought and was playing one of my Kushtaka drums in Portland and another person from the Prescott PowWow had bought a Kushtaka painting on canvas. A man among them stopped me to say that as I was talking about the drum he had a vision of it spreading the healing energy, the Kushtaka Behind Bars energy, with every banging of the stick. He could see it emanating from the back of the drum. He also shared that the teachings I was offering were in alignment with what he had learned in Peru, only their shaman used gold to shield themselves instead of the coppers we use in the Pacific Northwest. The Red People of the Americas are helping to unite the colors of the world with these messages.

Being at the PowWows, sharing the message of putting the Kushtaka behind bars, and providing the tools to make it happen might not pay the bills but it brings wealth to my heart and to the People. I think so, anyways... <3


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